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Assistance-Ménage has been offering their residential cleaning services, in the Greater Montreal area with a majority of satisfied regular clients, for 12 years now. Our main objective is to ensure that your home’s cleanliness is incomparable and that we keep it that way with our regular housekeeping services! Our cleaning company offers housekeeping services on a regular basis as well as one-time services.


Opt for Green Cleaning

All products used by Assistance Ménage during the housekeeping of your home are biodegradable. The use of green products is our pride! Other than having no bad environmental impact, the products that will be used to clean your home are also very effective and will leave no dirt.


Professionalism and Reliability:

Let our team of professional housekeepers take care of the cleanliness of your home. Your comfort in your home is our mission. Assistance Ménage has been specializing in housekeeping for several years, and for that reason, we guarantee you a cleaning service that meets your needs.



You want to save time and have a super clean house? This is exactly our mission! Contact Assistance Ménage right now to get a free estimate to get your house cleaned and taken care of.

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About the company

It is a well-known proverb “cleanliness is next to godliness”; and this is a scientific truth. A clean and clutter-free surrounding induces a positive effect on the human psyche. However, in the busy age of today, who has got the time to perform a thorough cleaning of their place daily, after a grueling day at work? The most efficient team of cleaning experts at Assistance Ménage Inc. will provide you with a thorough Cleaning Service in the greater Montreal of your dwelling according to your specifications. The company essentially focuses on the quality of work rather than the quantity and trains their cleaner to practically apply this thought. We will not leave your home until your are totally satisfied.

The services provided

The company provides the most expert House Cleaning in the Montreal region, performed by the most proficient and experienced workers. Our USP lies in the fact we first take an input from the client itself before offering our cleaning services. Although different homes require diverse types of cleaning protocols, our company has two basic types of cleaning services for your perusal;

  • Consistent household cleaning

Our regular domestic care service will ensure that your household is always kept neat and clean but not feel like a sterile operating room. We take a thorough look-around of your home and customize our services according to your requirement. Our competent and skilled team of Housekeeper Montreal will make your house look spic and span without any damage or issue.

  • Deep thorough cleaning

Our deep cleaning services, as the name suggests, consist of a detailed cleaning of your home. Our workers will save your time and give you the best cleaning service which will make your home feel brand-new. The tools needed are provided by our company for both types of cleaning of your house. As a unique Cleaning Company in Montreal, we consider it our duty to provide customer-centric best quality services.



Cleaning of your household attachments

Our most efficient cleaning company possesses an experience of more than a decade in terms of comprehensive house Cleaning Services West-Island. For a detailed job, the attachments and the various portals of the house also needs to be cleaned with the same intensity as the other parts. Our company provides a detailed cleaning of the following household accessories;

  • Carpet Cleaning

For a clean and healthy household, all sources of germs, bacteria or pathogenic microbes needs to properly disinfected and be given a proficient cleaning service. Your carpet on the floor is known to collect huge amount of dust, mites, and microorganisms, which may give rise to various diseases in the future. The carpets of your household need cleaning and disinfection periodically. Our unique products make the cleaning of your carpet totally easy and hassle-free. We use very particular products to clean your carpets, which allow us to accomplish dry carpet washing, so that it can again be used only after two hours of washing. Give us a call to enjoy a thorough carpet/rug cleaning.

  • Cleaning of windows

Our team of expert housekeepers provides you with the most detailed window cleaning service. With the aid of our unique products, our workers clean the frames, wash the screens and even clean the difficult to reach corners of the window sill. The maids in our team are chosen carefully and they are adept in giving the most detailed Housekeeping Service Montreal for your home. Contact us to make your windows as good as new!

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With the help of proficient workforce and specialized equipments, our company is providing the best Cleaning Service in Laval for more than a decade. Give a call to get a free estimate for your household without any implied commitment. Your satisfaction is our main target and we promise to fulfill that every time.

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