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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning & Spring Cleaning

A long day of cleaning ahead of you? Call us and let our maids take care of it. It has been a long time since you have done a deep household cleaning? You just renovated your home and dust reigns? You are planning to move and want a thorough cleaning? Or is it simply that winter is coming to an end and you need a spring cleaning?

Assistance Ménage has a strong team specializing in large Households Cleaning:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Post renovation Cleaning
  • Move in/out Cleaning
  • Post construction Cleaning
  • Prepare for reception Cleaning

.Cleaning walls and ceilings, floor cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, washing windows, you name it, our team can do it!

When we perform a deep cleaning, we use products completely biodegradable. We insist on using green products during our services because we are sensitive to the fact that some people may have respiratory problems due to regular products use, and also simply in case there are kids around.

Our products are also very effective, as well as our steam cleaner machines.

The members of our team are experienced and will accomplish all the tasks necessary to make your home spotless. Whether it’s cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, carpets or windows, into your closets, our team will satisfy your needs.

Our team will leave no trace of dust after a deep cleaning!

If you want to freshen up your home, call us for a free estimate for a housekeeping in depth!

Know about deep and thorough seasonal cleaning service. Benefit from an expert spring cleaning for your home

Know about deep and thorough seasonal cleaning service. Benefit from an expert spring cleaning for your home

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About us

A clean and tidy environment induces a constructive effect on the human mind. However, in today’s hectic age, nobody has got the time to go through a detailed cleaning of his or her place after an exhausting day at work. The most resourceful team of cleaning experts at Assistance Ménage Inc. will provide you with a thorough cleaning service of your dwelling according to your specifications. We are more interested in high-quality work and the satisfaction of the client than the volume of work, and you can see that for yourself with our cleaning jobs! Contact us to get an estimate! And don’t worry, its free!

Clean your home after winter

When the winter is going, spring cannot be far behind. Your household needs a deep and extensive cleaning after the freezing winter, and it is best to engage professional help for this requirement. Extensive cleaning of walls, ceilings, floor, and windows is needed to be done for an up-to-the-mark Spring Cleaning. We use entirely biodegradable products because we know that the use of the regular products may cause respiratory problems in some people and there may be kids in the house. We use the most effective products and equipment to provide you with the best cleaning services.

Clean your home after winter

We have a decade-long experience of providing the most expert and proficient cleaning service in the area. Contact us to get a free estimate for your household to enjoy our unique and detailed service

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