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Post-Construction Cleaning


Your are planning for renovation a need some help to clean up once its done? We got you!

Renovation is never an easy process. It takes time. Often more than expected. Moreover, your place cannot be as clean and tidy as you can aspire. The renovation dust does not stop at the rooms affected by the renovations. It spreads all over the house, under, over and inside your furniture.

Assistance Ménage offers a tailored service to completely clean your home after the construction work.

Our specialized cleaning maids will first dust everything that could have been affected by renovation dust. Whether it is your furniture, appliances, frames or simple objects displayed at your place, we will clean it ALL.

Assistance Ménage offers a tailor-made service to clean your house after construction work.

What will we do during a post-renovation cleaning?

  • Dust and clean every surface
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Clean all exposed objects
  • Clean ledges and door and window frames

When it comes to renovation or construction, the dusting does not only concern the surfaces. The very tiny construction dust requires a more in depth cleaning, going inside cabinets and wardrobes.

You want to reduce the cleaning efforts? Here are few tips:

  • Keep all doors closed
  • Keep all cabinets and wardrobe closed when unused
  • Vacuum the floors of common areas everyday (or ask the renovation company to do so)
  • Open the windows in the rooms under renovation
  • Limit movements between rooms under renovation and the rest of the house

When it comes to this kind of heavy-duty cleaning, we advise you to do the renovation/construction work in spring and follow up with a one-time spring-cleaning to completely renew your house.

Whether you are in Montreal, Laval, South-shore or North-shore, Assistance Ménage will provide with the best post-construction cleaning service!

Whether you are in Montreal, Laval, South Shore or North Shore, Assistance Ménage will provide you with the best post-construction cleaning service!

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